About Us

We’re Baad Racing, we’ve been around a minute, since 2003 actually. You may have heard of MB-RC… the custom RC parts we built in house at MB Manufacturing.  As overwhelming support for our custom RC parts has grown into it’s own brand, we decided it was time to have a name that actually stands on it’s own for what it means.  We’ve been watching, inventing, testing and perfecting what is about to be next. We are a small shop about to go BIG! So hang on to your cotton balls we’re goin for a ride! 2020 is the launch of BAAD RACING’S official product line.

It’s not just our name or our parts that represent what we do… it’s the RC community who we make our parts for.

A community built by pro-racers and hobbyists alike… a community that surpasses age and demographics. That brings people together from around the United States and around the world. We refuse to follow the manufacturing norms…   our name may change, but our parts have always been 100% made in the USA, machined for performance and durability, with real input from race leaders.
Making our parts stand out against the crowds of followers.

And like a baad sheep that refuses to follow…
Baad Racing is here to lead.