GT2 - Glue Type Drag Force - Rear Wheels - GOLD - STAR CENTER

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GT2 Drag Force Rear Wheels - Performance Edition.
Available in 3 finishes - Aluminum, Black & Gold

These are a 2.2-3.0

Sold in Pairs (2 GOLD Rear wheels - with STAR centers)

------ Width Size Options ------
  • Standard  -is comparable to traxxas standard wheel width

  • Mid   (+4.5mm) - is smack in the middle of standard and wide at +4.5mm

  • Wide  (+9mm) - is comparable to proline showtime+  Where as the traxxas drag truck wheel is wider than all of these options. It has been weighed in that these are the more desirable widths. This does not mean we will not make an even wider rim. As long as the RC community shows support and interest we will continue to evolve our products. Thank you for your ongoing support! We greatly appreciate it!
We've had great success and consistency in the 1.6 exceeding 85 mph with no failures to using CA glue. It is recommended to use acetone to remove old tires. you may be surprised to see small chunks of rubber still attached. remove with your choice of tooling, be it razor blade, chemically, or some other way. But of course use your head. don't damage the wheel by dragging it across the pavement to get the rubber off of it !

Our unique concept and design of removing material in the shell you know came ONLY from Baad Racing. Not only is this unique to our line of wheels but this ensures you know if it looks like this and it wasn't made by BAAD RACING, it's a knock off. 

Designed, Machined and Packaged all in house, all 100% in the U.S.A!