GT2 "MID" - Glue Type Drag Force - Front Wheels - STAR CENTER

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Introducing the New GT2 "MID WIDTH" - Front Wheels!
Available in Raw Aluminum or Black Anodize.

These RC Car wheels have solid shells at 9/16 (14.25mm) wide!
2.2 tire.

Recommended for a Voodoo tire

Sold in Pairs (2 front wheels - with STAR centers)

These front glue type wheels are sitting at an impressive 13g ea or 28g a pair.
Made in the USA with aerospace quality aluminum and precision CNC machining. These wheels are the lightest aluminum you'll find. With uncompromised performance they've been tested by some of the fastest racers in the industry. These wheels are not only light but have retained rigidity to not "egg" out like other materials such as plastic. They're a trued wheel made on live tooling turning centers from a solid blank, no casting and not made from a mill. These wheels are carefully handled through each process of manufacturing all designed and manufactured here in Lake Elsinore in house 100% from the 1st operation to the packaging.

We've had great success and consistency in the 1.6 exceeding 85 mph with no failures to using CA glue. It is recommended to use acetone to remove old tires. you may be surprised to see small chunks of rubber still attached. remove with your choice of tooling, be it razor blade, chemically, or some other way. But of course use your head. don't damage the wheel by dragging it across the pavement to get the rubber off of it!

Our unique concept and design of removing material in the shell you know came ONLY from Baad Racing. Not only is this unique to our line of wheels but this ensures you know if it's not done like this it's a knock off.. True masters of the craft do not copy but they admire and encourage such builders to continue their legacy.