Performance Cut - Front Bead Lock Drag Wheels

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– 2 Billet Aluminum *Performance Cut* – Bead Lock Wheel Shells
– 2 Inner and 2 Outer – Billet Aluminum Bead Lock “Big Juice” Rings
– 2 Inner Wheel Stars
– Stainless 4-40 screws

These are the ultra lightweight version of the bead lock drag wheels.
These wheels have been through our “Performance Center” and have undergone some serious weight loss!

These are specifically designed and intended for serious PRO racers!

Specs & Fitting:

Beadlock front fit most all cars including DR10, Losi 22, Traxxas drag truck and more. Some builds require light modification (clearing away camber blocks, possibly a-arm) All modifications have been completed by customers and deemed consistently successful as to not cause breakage or failure. We have not tested these mods, so do so at your own discretion.

* Sold in Pairs – Front Wheels only*

** These fit DR10 and Losi cars**

** some light mods have been suggested when using these on the Slash truck, but otherwise have had excellent feedback"