2WD Front Long Travel Kit

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Kit includes:

Kit includes:
- 1 Over-sized Shock Tower
- 2 Custom Body Mounts
- 4 Body Mount Screws
- 2 A-Arms
- 2 Pins
- 4 Over-sized Tie-Rods
- 4 E-Clips

Direct bolt on to stock front-end.

This Slash Suspension 2WD Front Long Travel Kit system is over-sized everywhere! CNC machined in house and made in the U.S.A. Over-sized tie-rods, over-sized shock tower and a-arms. They've been lightened and designed for the best performance!

Baad Racing went to the drawing board on this one. We cycled and cycled suspension design concepts in the computer, built prototypes, broke out the high speed cameras to get actual testing footage, tested, adjusted, tested. And now we have the ultimate long travel suspension for high speed massive jumps, fast tight turns, and BASHING oh yes!